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Welcome to the Bridgenosis Mindful Leadership Podcast! The subconscious mind is a powerful element that heavily influences your leadership and organizational success. And, it often feels out of your control because it’s impact is either completely out of your awareness or you don’t know how to access and change it. In this podcast, we’ll help you recognize and change in ways you didn’t know you needed to change or that you could. Some episodes may contain Bridgenosis hypnosis audio mindshifters. We will designate those episodes so that you can listen to them when you are sitting or laying down (not driving). We aspire to inform, raise awareness, empower, inspire and bring you hope. Thank you for listening.
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Mar 13, 2017

Laura Palmer, Founder and Chief Mindshifter of Bridgenosis, discusses the impact deception can have on our lives and businesses and what to do about it. She speaks from her experiences as a mental performance coach for mindful leaders and athletes.

Many of her clients are highly perceptive people who can easily read others and even pick up on their emotions. Yet, they have experienced blind spots in their deception detecting capabilities. Maybe you can relate to some of these scenarios:

Sometimes you don’t hear your inner-GPS going to off at all.

Sometimes you hear it, but you don’t want to believe it, so you push it down.

Sometimes you hear it but question it because you feel confused.

Here are some examples of how this can impact you:
If you run an organization, you may hire unreliable, unqualified or untrustworthy people. You may even allow in a sabotage type.

If you step into a leadership role in a new organization, you may get manipulated by someone who is good at being the golden child to the right people and yet is actually sabotaging things.

For partnerships or client selection, you may have a blind spot that leads you to engage when you should not.
You may attract romantic partners and/or friends who deceive you into trusting them and then turn emotionally abusive.

Debunking deception isn’t just about seeing through and avoiding people who are intentionally trying to deceive you. It is also about being able to trust yourself in all relationships. Even in your best relationships, there are times when your GPS guides you to say no, but if you betray your GPS, things will be rocky. Essentially you are deceiving yourself and them by not following your inner-voice, but it’s not as though there is malicious intent. This episode focuses more on the situations where you are unable to guard against untrustworthy people.

In Episode 8, you will have a chance to reprogram these patterns. We recommend (but not require) you also listen to "Trust My Internal Compass" before or within the same week of listening to this for more benefit. Register here for access to this additional free audio.