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Welcome to the Bridgenosis Mindful Leadership Podcast! The subconscious mind is a powerful element that heavily influences your leadership and organizational success. And, it often feels out of your control because it’s impact is either completely out of your awareness or you don’t know how to access and change it. In this podcast, we’ll help you recognize and change in ways you didn’t know you needed to change or that you could. Some episodes may contain Bridgenosis hypnosis audio mindshifters. We will designate those episodes so that you can listen to them when you are sitting or laying down (not driving). We aspire to inform, raise awareness, empower, inspire and bring you hope. Thank you for listening.
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Feb 9, 2017

Laura Palmer of Bridgenosis and Lisa Mitchell of Power Body Language are back to talk with Jonathon Perrelli of LifeFuels and Startupland.TV. Jonathon shares wisdom as a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist and also describes some examples of how shifting his subconscious with Bridgenosis has powerfully and positively influenced his business and life. Lisa talks with Jonathon about how his presence and approach to speaking and communication work in his favor to help him create success. Twitter: @perrelli @powernonverbals @bridgenosis.

If you are interested in training your mind to trust your subconscious, check out how to work with Bridgenosis. Want to work with Laura Palmer and Lisa Mitchell in person? Check out their superpowers retreats or hire them to work with you one-on-one or observe your next organizational meeting to help you decode and recode the subconscious current so you stop wasting so much time, energy and money.